Finding Sally

A 23-year-old woman from an upper class family becomes a communist rebel with the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party. > more

Grand Cru

Burgundy's winemaking legend Pascal Marchand faces his greatest challenges during the catastrophic 2016 season. > more

I Am Still Your Child

Growing up with a parent who suffers from mental illness. > more

Quebec Profond

A film about the astonishing marine creatures that dwell deep in the waters of the St. Lawrence River. > more

A Time to Swim

A former exile returns to his childhood village and struggles to navigate a complex web of interests and tensions in a race to save his culture. > more

Forever Dad

When a photographer loses contact with his son following a parental abduction, he embarks on an artistic project to make portraits of other fathers in the same situation. > more

Okpik’s Dream

The extraordinary life story of Harry Okpik, champion Inuit sled dog musher and amputee. > more

The Flying Stars

Portrait of civil war amputees in Sierra Leone through a soccer league and one of its most charismatic and haunted players. > more

Burgundy Jazz

A web documentary that explores the Montreal Black community's incredible contribution to jazz. > more

Come Worry With Us!

Can a rock band be the village that raises a child? Montreal band Silver Mt. Zion has accepted a child into its touring tribe. > more

Mr. Crab

Ten-year-old Rishi both idolizes and fears his imposing father, who tells him stories about the crystal clear waters of his homeland of Trinidad & Tobago. An explosive temper keeps his son at a distance even though Rishi’s father tries everything he can think of to build a bond. A quiet child, Rishi soaks in every word, and dives into his vivid fantasies of beautiful tropical fish deep in the ocean. The boy hides away and escapes into this dream world, but even there the frightening Mr. Crab with deadly sharp claws awaits him. Mr. Crab offers a touching portrait of an immigrant father trying to make a connection with his son, and a little boy trying to make sense of the fantastic world his father tells him about. Told as a dream itself in a style reminiscent of Michel Gondry, director Faisal Lutchmedial combines rich cinematography with flowing underwater puppetry, and out of this world stop-motion by award winning animator Eva Cvijanovic (winner of the 2008 Air Canada enRoute Achievement in Animation Award).

Production Company | Catbird Productions in association with Green Dragon Productions
Producer | Faisal Lutchmedial
Co-producers | David Eng & Katarina Soukup
Writer | Faisal Lutchmedial
Director | Faisal Lutchmedial
Director of Photography | Osheen Harruthoonyan
Production Designer | Zahra Henderson-Peal
Editor | Faisal Lutchmedial
Stop-Motion Animation | Eva Cvijanovic
With | Ryan Singh, Omila Persad, Vian Persad

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Green Ground Productions

Victoria Film Festival