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Nuit Blanche | Petite St-Pierre

Join us for a Nuit Blanche event dedicated to a famous lost river of Montreal. We'll be filming for Under the City!

DHC/ART in collaboration with the PHI Centre and the Mobile Media Lab presents:

Lost Rivers: La Petite St-Pierre

Curators Kim Sawchuk and Jaimie Robson

With Cheryl Sim, Associate Curator for DHC/ART

February 25th 2012, 6 PM – 2 AM

DHC/ART 465, rue St-Jean and PHI Centre, 417, St-Pierre

Métro Square-Victoria, Autobus # 55

Each year DHC/ART participates in Nuit blanche, this grand event that brings Montrealers together for a crazy night of discovery and urban exploration. This time once again, the DHC/ART team encourages you to battle the cold in order to warm up with us. In addition to presenting a major exhibition Chronicles of a Disappearance that presents the work of five internationally renowned artists, (along with hot coffee and cookies) we also offer a special activity created for this particular night:

Lost Rivers: La Petite St-Pierre is a two-part exhibition that ventures beneath the pavement to reveal one of this city’s most famous hidden waterways. Artists Andrew Emond and Samuel Thulin pay homage to the meandering contours of La Petite St-Pierre, a river that once stretched over 15 kilometers across the southern part of the island of Montreal. Their video projections and mobile soundscapes virtually “daylight” La Petite St-Pierre, exploring its integration into the network of this city’s sewers.

Begin your journey at DHC/ART. From there you will receive clues to discover the second part of the exhibition at the new PHI Center!


1. Download the Lost Rivers music route onto your mobile device either here soon or at DHC/ART. Don’t forget to bring your ear-buds or headphones!

2. Follow the illuminated ice lamps from DHC/ART to the Phi Centre.

This is the first in a series of location-based exhibitions that will “virtually daylight” select Montreal rivers in relation to our four seasons. Daylighting is a process that unearths waterways that have been buried because of urbanization and the drive to modernization and development.