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Forever Dad Broadcast Premiere on TV5 June 17

Catbird Productions, in collaboration with The Missing Children’s Network (Quebec) and TV5, is pleased to present Forever Dad, a new documentary by Johane Bergeron about the misunderstood and complex reality of parental abduction as experienced by fathers. The French version of the film will have its World Broadcast Premiere on TV5 on Wednesday, June 17 at 10pm, just before Father’s Day.

Forever Dad chronicles the long, arduous – and, at times, hopeful journey – of four men following the loss of their children to parental abduction. When Thomas, a photographer and a father, suddenly loses contact with his son Diego, he takes things in stride, In spite of the enormity of the loss and his overwhelming grief, reacting to the shock with a relentless quest: to find his son so they can be together again. To help himself cope with and comprehend what has happened, he starts a new artistic project to create portraits of Pierre, Ricardo and Tony, all fathers who are living through the same situation as him. The creative process becomes an outlet that allows him to overcome his suffering and express the depths of his emotions.

Despite the complexity of the subject, director Johane Bergeron brings us into a universe full of dignity, male tenderness, resilience, and camaraderie. “The day I met Pierre [one of the film’s protagonists] when he opened up about his struggles, it was the first time I had ever heard of a parental abduction. I thought that the trauma of child abduction could be a rich documentary subject that would help us to understand male suffering. As women, we are rarely given access to the male experience. Pierre gave me the opportunity to witness his emotions from close-up, and I couldn’t pass up the chance.”

Shot over several years, the film dives into the heart of their timeless stories. We don’t often have the chance to witness men so openly and emotionally expressing their claim to fatherhood, without at the same time succumbing to misery and despair. Their struggle, borne with courage and equanimity, shows a positive portrayal of what it means to be a father. It is a poignant story, which will be broadcast on TV5 on Wednesday, June 17 at 10pm.

The Missing Children’s Network (Quebec), which is celebrating its 30 anniversary this year, contributed to the search for the film’s protagonists. The non-profit organization is recognized as the reference in Quebec for families, police corps, educators and the media in all matters relating to the search for missing children, prevention of disappearences and exploitation.

« With about 300 cases per year, parental abduction is the most frequent type of abduction in this country. Whatever the motivations of the parent who takes the child, it remains an illegal act in Canada. This kind of abduction is just as dangerous as the other kinds physically, but the worst damage is often not visible to the naked eye. Overnight these children are wrenched away from their family, their home and their friends are thrown into a life marked by uncertainty, loss of identity, isolation and flight. » underscored Ms Pina Arcamone, Director General of The Missing Children’s Network (Quebec). « They are more likely to suffer depression, anxiety, insomnia, and attachment disorders in addition to having difficulty to trust others, something that can extend into their adulthood. »

The TV5 chain has been making its mark on the Canadian televisual scene since 1988. As a generous amalagam of accents and sounds, TV5 is proof of the vitality of the French language all over the world thanks to its carefully selected programming. Its success rests on the variety of its information and entertainment networks issuing from Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Africa thanks to, among other things, its partnership with TV5MONDE. Faithful to the values of openess and sharing the French language, TV5 is a broadcaster for curious viewers with an interest in the world.