Grand Cru

A Montrealer risks it all to fulfill his dream of becoming one of the few elite wine producers in Burgundy, France. > more

Care Rebels

A six part web series about individuals who are breaking barriers for unpaid friend and family caregivers. > more

A Time to Swim

A former exile returns to his childhood village and struggles to navigate a complex web of interests and tensions in a race to save his culture. > more

Forever Dad

When a photographer loses contact with his son following a parental abduction, he embarks on an artistic project to make portraits of other fathers in the same situation. > more

Okpik’s Dream

The extraordinary life story of Harry Okpik, champion Inuit sled dog musher and amputee. > more

The Flying Stars

Portrait of civil war amputees in Sierra Leone through a soccer league and one of its most charismatic and haunted players. > more

Burgundy Jazz

A web documentary that explores the Montreal Black community's incredible contribution to jazz. > more

Come Worry With Us!

Can a rock band be the village that raises a child? Montreal band Silver Mt. Zion has accepted a child into its touring tribe. > more

Lost Rivers

The past, present, and future of the world's lost urban rivers. > more

Mr. Crab

A child who both idolizes and is terrified by his father dives into the waters of Trinidad and his imagination to confront his fears. > more

Care Rebels

CARE REBELS, a six-part documentary series for the web, profiles individuals working in various of fields – from economics to housing, human rights to technology and genetics – who are denouncing the fact that care is invisible, undervalued, and under-supported and are adamant about breaking barriers to make sure that care is “counted”.  CARE REBELS celebrates the vital importance of caregiving.  Without it, there would be no households, no workforce, no economy, nothing.  Care is what makes us human. The series aims to empower, challenge stereotypes, and shift paradigms.

WATCH the pilot episode at then VOTE for us between May 1-19, 2017 then SHARE our project.

Your support will help us get the green light from Telus so we can bring you 5 more episodes of CARE REBELS!

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