Notes from the Kuerti Keyboard

A quirky short film featuring legendary Canadian pianist Anton Kuerti. > more

Kakalakkuvik (Where the Children Dwell)

An intimate first-person account of the Inuit experience of residential school. > more

Louisa’s Choice

The story of Louisa, an Inuit woman living with HIV. > more

Tusarnituuq! Nagano in the Land of the Inuit

The Orchestre symphonique de Montreal's first ever tour of the Canadian Arctic. > more

Umiaq Skin Boat

A group of Inuit elders build the first traditional seal skin boat their community has seen in over 50 years. > more

Kiviaq versus Canada

The astonishing life story of Kiviaq, Canada’s first Inuit lawyer. > more

SILA – An Educational Website

An educational website about Inuit culture. > more

Urban Inuk

The ups and downs of three Inuit living in the urban jungle of Montreal. > more

Care Rebels

CARE REBELS, a six-part documentary series for the web, profiles individuals working in various of fields – from economics to housing, human rights to technology and genetics – who are denouncing the fact that care is invisible, undervalued, and under-supported and are adamant about breaking barriers to make sure that care is “counted”.  CARE REBELS celebrates the vital importance of caregiving.  Without it, there would be no households, no workforce, no economy, nothing.  Care is what makes us human. The series aims to empower, challenge stereotypes, and shift paradigms.

WATCH the pilot episode at then VOTE for us between May 1-19, 2017 then SHARE our project.

Your support will help us get the green light from Telus so we can bring you 5 more episodes of CARE REBELS!

TELUS Fund, ACT Project Concordia