Kakalakkuvik (Where the Children Dwell)

An intimate first-person account of the Inuit experience of residential school. > more

Louisa’s Choice

The story of Louisa, an Inuit woman living with HIV. > more

Tusarnituuq! Nagano in the Land of the Inuit

The Orchestre symphonique de Montreal's first ever tour of the Canadian Arctic. > more

Umiaq Skin Boat

A group of Inuit elders build the first traditional seal skin boat their community has seen in over 50 years. > more

Kiviaq versus Canada

The astonishing life story of Kiviaq, Canada’s first Inuit lawyer. > more

SILA – An Educational Website

An educational website about Inuit culture. > more

Urban Inuk

The ups and downs of three Inuit living in the urban jungle of Montreal. > more

A Time to Swim

In the suburbs of Montreal, Mutang Urud is a stay-at-home dad. But in Malaysia, he was a voice of resistance for the indigenous peoples of Sarawak. A Time to Swim follows Mutang as he returns home for the first time since his exile in 1992. The remote forest village, however, is not like he remembers it. Contrary to the will of the elders, cousins who once stood by him at the blockades are now welcoming the timber companies. Despite the threat of a lingering arrest warrant, Mutang can’t resist taking up his old cause. A Time to Swim explores the effects of environmental destruction on the fabric of a community through the personal story of Mutang’s search for belonging in a place where the very ideas of home and heritage are slipping away.

Written by | Ashley Duong, Richard Spiegel
Directed by | Ashley Duong
Produced by | Katarina Soukup, Ashley Duong
With | Mutang Urud
Also With | Noeli Urud, Agan Urud, Natasha Blanchet-Cohen 
Director of Photography | Vincent Gonneville 
Editor | Hannale Halm
Original Music | Olivier Alary
Sound | Cyril Bourseaux, Tobias Haines, Catherine Van Der Donkt,, Richard Speigel, Jean Paul Vialard

Canada Media Fund, CALQ, National Film Board of Canada, Canadian Film or Video Tax Credit, Quebec Film and Television Tax Credit, Bell Fund

Super Channel, Isuma TV

WORLD PREMIERE – Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2017
(Finalist – Grand Jury Prize for Documentary Filmmaking)