Lost Rivers

The past, present, and future of the world's lost urban rivers. > more

Mr. Crab

A child who both idolizes and is terrified by his father dives into the waters of Trinidad and his imagination to confront his fears. > more

Notes from the Kuerti Keyboard

A quirky short film featuring legendary Canadian pianist Anton Kuerti. > more

Kakalakkuvik (Where the Children Dwell)

An intimate first-person account of the Inuit experience of residential school. > more

Louisa’s Choice

The story of Louisa, an Inuit woman living with HIV. > more

Tusarnituuq! Nagano in the Land of the Inuit

The Orchestre symphonique de Montreal's first ever tour of the Canadian Arctic. > more

Umiaq Skin Boat

A group of Inuit elders build the first traditional seal skin boat their community has seen in over 50 years. > more

Kiviaq versus Canada

The astonishing life story of Kiviaq, Canada’s first Inuit lawyer. > more

SILA – An Educational Website

An educational website about Inuit culture. > more

Urban Inuk

The ups and downs of three Inuit living in the urban jungle of Montreal. > more

I Am Still Your Child

Jessy, Sarah and Von are all familiar with the "ups and downs" of living with a parent who suffers from mental illness. This situation is extremely common (60% of Canadians with mental illness are parents) and there can be serious long-term repercussions. I'm Still Your Child immerses us in a bewildering, yet hopeful, world through the stories of three compelling subjects who have found ways to cope—and even thrive!

Written & Directed by | Megan Durnford
Produced by| Katarina Soukup
With | Jessy Bokser, Sarah Leavens, Von Allan
Director of Photography | Alex Margineanu
Editor | Howard Goldberg
Original Music | Alain Auger
Sound | Stéphane Barsalou, Marco Fania, Luc Raymond, Daniel Toussaint

Telus Fund, Post-moderne